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Small Manta-peruvian throw

Small Manta-peruvian throw

Arpillera small - Applique Wall Hanging

Arpillera small- Applique wall hanging


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"Arpillera"  Handmade applique patchwork -Wall hanging

(50cm x 50 cm approximate)

Arpillera (Spanish for sackcloth or burlap).

Exquisitely detailed, vibrant hand-sewn three dimensional textile pictures.

-Arpilleras depict everyday scenes of lives in the Peruvian Andes.

This gorgeous work that is done on a piece of cloth contains images of animals, trees, houses, characters and landscapes with a bright yellow sun. They are harmoniously sewn together, lending to a spectacular three dimensional effect

Children love these colourful hangings and they are also fun in a family room or kitchen.

-Measurements (50cm x 50xm) may vary slightly as each item is handmade

-A display rod can be slipped through an opening at the top.


**The art form originated in Chile in 1973, by wives of political prisoners during the Pinochet regime. Women not only sew and sold arpilleras to earn a small income for the survival of their families but also used them as a means to convey messages of the conditions of poverty and oppression in which they lived within the quilt itself. These messages went unnoticed by guards since sewing was seen as inconsequential 'women's work'.

The technique was then passed to Peru where it is very much used.

Many women support their families in Peru by making these quilts. In spite of the conditions under which these women live in, these arpilleras are made with bright colors and charmingly designed figures.**

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